What We're Thankful for in Reggae

Give Thanks, Give Thanks

It has been quite a year in reggae great new music, returns from greats and big moves for others and while there is still time to go out with a blast, we wanted to take a moment to look back and were what we were thankful for 

A new star in Koffee has arrived

We are lucky that reggae can be both a world of legends and a young "mans" game. But when Koffee landed on the scene, she brought something new and an energy we had not seen in some time. Another big year is ahead for her(and a grammy nod) So more to be grateful for coming...


Legends from two worlds come together
From the world of classic rock and the world of pop-reggae came a collaboration in the form of Sting and Shaggy that produced a fabulous album in 44/876


Freedom for one of the greats

This one was hard to top, Buju Banton was freed from prison after 9 years and 10 months. Then just a few months later, his magical "Long Walk to Freedom" show in Jamaica created a moment to be grateful for.