Jah D - Zion High Productions interview w/ DJ Carlos Culture

Master Bass Player, Reggae and Dub Producer talks about Zion I Kings and Dub - Dub Chronicles Part 5
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David "Jah D" Goldfine is a master Reggae Bass Player who has toured the world with countless artists. He currently tours with Jah9 and is producing lots of material. Jah D is a native of Rhode Island but has settled in South Florida after several years in San Diego in the lte 90s and early 2000s. There he met Elliot Lieb and they formed the collective of Zion High Productions working with artists like Yami Bolo and played in band Jah Blood Fyah Angels. We reasoned about his projects including Zion in Dub Volumes 1-3, Dub Music and much more. In South Florida he enjoys being part of the West Indian and Rastafarian Culture where he produces music with the Zion I Kings, a production group. There labels are within the Zion I Kings - I Grade Records, Lustre Kings, and Zion High Productions. They are doing amazing works and we are looking forward to Zion in Dub Volume 4. Zion High Productions alone has over a dozen releases.