Trask on QB changes this offseason: “It could be a very, very large number”

Jared Goff Rams
Photo credit USA Today Images

After scouring rosters and salary caps and draft position and head coaching changes, among other factors, NFL insider Peter King believes that 20 teams – yes, 20 – could have different starting quarterbacks in 2021.

If that comes to pass, former NFL executive and current CBS Sports analyst Amy Trask won’t be surprised.

“It’s certainly a very big number, but Peter knows this business,” Trask said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I won’t give you an exact number, but I’ll tell you the reason I think it could be a very, very large number. There will be a number of big-name quarterbacks that move. We’ve already seen Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff are swapping teams. There’s going to be that core of initial movement, and then there’s going to be a ripple effect.” 

For example, let’s say the San Francisco 49ers draft, sign or trade for a new quarterback. Well, another team would then likely make a play for Jimmy Garoppolo.

“There’s a whole trickle-down, ripple effect, so Peter may be spot on with his number or it may be close,” Trask said. “If you have an initial core that moves, whatever that number is, and then you add in the draft choices and then [you have] secondary or tertiary movement, it could be a very large movement.”