McClain: I Don’t Think Watson Has Played Last Game with Texans


JJ Watt was the latest of great Texans to leave the organization this weekend. Many expect via trade, that Deshaun Watson will soon follow Watt out the door. Watson himself has expressed his desire to do so.

The longest standing Houston NFL writer is the great John McClain, and he doesn’t expect Watson to be leaving the organization in the near future.

“Well, I hate to say no. I think that he'll sit out and he'll have to come in for X number. I think it's four to get credit for whether he plays or not. I don't see Damon him doing what James Harden did. James Harden came in late. He was out of shape. He played bad. He didn't play hard. Then he blasted the team. Then he got traded nine over the weekend. He apologized about the way he left. We called it scorched earth and the fans and the media turned on him. It was ugly. I don't see that happening with Watson. I just don't see him taking that approach, but you never know. I think he'll be out until the time comes where he has to report to get credit for the season.” McClain told The DA Show on Monday morning.

This situation is certainly one the entire football world will be monitoring this off season, but if Watson is not traded by this year’s draft then John McClain’s belief here would feel more likely and should surprise many of us.