McNabb: “Carson has no confidence in anybody in that organization”

Carson Wentz
Photo credit USA Today Images

According to NFL insider Adam Schefter, Carson Wentz reportedly remains unhappy in Philadelphia, and for Donovan McNabb, the writing is on the wall. 

“He wants out,” McNabb said on The Zach Gelb Show. “Go back to the press conference that [Eagles coach] Nick [Sirianni] had. Did he say that Carson Wentz was his guy? Did he even mention anything about the starting quarterback?”

Nope. In fact, Sirianni said there would be an open competition at every position.

“First of all, didn’t you get brought in there to possibly help Carson and to keep Carson there? And you say that?” McNabb said. “That just tells you more. Carson has no confidence in anybody in that organization to make the right decision for him. He feels everybody has turned their back on him. That’s usually what happens when you don’t play well or people in the organization start talking.”

At this point, McNabb believes the Eagles should trade Wentz.

“Yes,” he said. “But the problem is Howie [Roseman] is so tied to him that his job pretty much is on the line. People are questioning how he even still is working as the GM. . . . It helped [that] he won the Super Bowl, but you ain’t done nothing since. You fire Doug [Pederson], but [Roseman] still has his job? Carson is tied to the hip with him. So if they trade Carson, that puts a little gasoline around Howie, that something has to be done – or you got to get a great trade for Carson to help you out.”

As for the aforementioned Sirianni, McNabb has doubts. When Sirianni was named head coach, McNabb had the exact same reaction as many Eagles fans.

“Who is that?” McNabb said. “I was like, ‘Who is that?’”

Sirianni, 39, was the offensive coordinator in Indianapolis for the last three seasons. Only he didn’t call plays. Colts head coach Frank Reich does that.

“You ain’t the coordinator unless you’re calling plays,” McNabb said. “To me, it seemed like they were trying to reinvent the wheel with what they had with Frank in Philly. I’m sure Frank spoke up for him. He’s a young guy, and everybody’s trying to go young with coaches. They tried to reinvent – and also, they can control him. They weren’t bringing in Eric Bieniemy. They weren’t bringing in Todd Bowles. They weren’t bringing in those guys because they knew they can’t control them. That right there should tell you that Howie ain’t going nowhere.”