Hamlin: This Daytona ‘Would Be the Biggest Win of My Career’


If you watched “The Last Dance” this summer, you understand how unique and special a “Three-Peat” is in professional sports. Michael Jordan’s Bulls had two of them. The Lakers have a couple in their pocket as well. In NASCAR however, a “Three-Peat” has never been done in their crown jewel race the Daytona 500.

On Sunday Denny Hamlin has a chance to change history by accomplishing this. He joined The DA Show on Thursday to discuss just how much his Daytona win would mean.

“It’s exciting I’d rather have the opportunity than not certainly to do something that nobody else has done would certainly be the biggest win of my career.” Hamlin said.

Hamlin understands how big the stage is at Daytona: “It’s a big race, it is the biggest race we have and to start the year with a win it brings a lot of positive things to your race team.” He would go on to say “Never thought I'd have one of 'em much less 3 and the last five years so I'm really excited about our possibilities.”

Four Daytona 500 wins in 6 years is on the line, we can only hope if he does win that he doesn’t throw the trophy from boat to boat in Florida, and judging by Hamlin’s comments he won’t, he appreciates the hardware unlike one Bucs quarterback.

The Daytona 500 is Sunday at 2:30 pm ET on FOX.