JR on Texans: I don’t think Watson will change his mind

Houston Texans Deshaun watson
Photo credit USA Today Images

The Houston Texans have reportedly found their next head coach – and it is not Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. Instead, it is Ravens assistant head coach, passing game coordinator and wide receivers coach David Culley.

And Deshaun Watson probably won’t be happy about it.

“I can’t tell you right now that I’m confident that Deshaun Watson will change his mind [about leaving Houston],” JR SportBrief said on CBS Sports Radio. “I would venture to say that he doesn’t, that he looks and says, ‘There are greener pastures, and there’s an opportunity to have a restart in a better situation.’”

The Texans have made a series of puzzling moves over the last year. The product on the field suffered, and their regime change at head coach and general manager has been a disaster.

“If you are the Houston Texans, unfortunately, you’re faced with the reality that it might be time to start over,” JR said. “It might be time to go for a fresh start. Maybe we can get some assets back, but you have to accept the reality that if Deshaun Watson moves on, if he doesn’t change his mind about a trade, you got nobody to blame but yourself. If you got to start over and you got to stink for a bunch of years, look in the mirror – because what you get back, whatever it is, it’s not going to be as good. You can only hope that you can build a team good enough to make up for his loss, and it’s not going to come in a year; it’s not going to come in two years. This is a rebuild.”

Watson, 25, is young enough to endure a rebuild. But that doesn’t mean he wants to – or should.

“If I’m Deshaun Watson, there’s a good chance I’m probably still angling for my way out,” JR said. “Let’s see if he sticks around. Based on everything you see, read and what he has also shared with us, I wouldn’t. I’d be out, too.”