Kostek Always Knew Gronk Was Coming Back


In the boat parade scenes of Rob Gronkowski shirtless holding up another Lombardi Trophy it may be easy to forget we were in a world where many of us thought he would never play football again, focusing of course on his new career in the WWE.

For those close to Gronk, including his girlfriend Camille Kostek, they knew the wrestling career would not be permanent. “I really like watching him play football so I knew he wasn't done. I just didn't know it's going to be as quick a return after one year so I was definitely shocked but more excited than I was shocked and I'm so happy. I love watching him do what he does and you know, it's amazing. I think he stepped away from the game the most so that he could recover and that's what he did and all he knew was that that handful of months and he was back in and not only did he make a return but the deal was back together and they brought a Lombardi Trophy to Tampa Bay”

A question some may be asking in the wake of this Super Bowl Championship is if Bill Belichick has reached out to his former tight end. Kostek said “I honestly feel like maybe yes… They're nice, they're nice to each other. I love them. We love them and I think they love us. I seem very sure I know they do.”

But maybe the most lasting image from this celebration on the river may be Tom Brady after his 7th championship looking real loose after possibly a few cocktails on his boat. Kostek, as someone who has been around Brady enough to know his tolerance told The DA Show just how much Brady enjoyed this celebration. “That was that was a first for me. I actually, I wasn't even sure I wasn't on his boat and when I did see him he was standing up and waving. So I was actually I I first it was like I don't even know if you actually had a drink today, so that's for other people to tell. But I think he did have a couple of drinks, but it would if it's my first time.”

A parade on the water looked like the most fun in the world, and unlike the years of hard work for both Gronk and Brady in New England, even Kostek believes this year was all about them having more fun than in year’s past now that they were in Tampa Bay. “Oh my gosh definitely, I mean I think that that's been the greatest thing about being at home. By aside as I want to be happy and healthy every single day, and to see that he is happy and healthy every day. It's since we've been in Tampa Bay with him playing this sport.” Kostek said.

The offseason now begins for the Bucs with, as Bruce Arians said, “Going for Two,” in mind. For Kostek her season starts now as the reboot of ‘Wipeout’ is set to premier April 1st on TBS where she will be a field reporter. Check out the 20 episode season coming to TBS this spring.