Lefkoe: As an Eagles fan, I don't even want to win the NFC East


Adam Lefkoe is a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan, and he is, one would think, headed for a stress-free Sunday, as his Eagles overcame an 11-point deficit to beat the New York Giants on Thursday.

Life as an Eagles fan is good, right?


“Let me be honest: I like to rub it into the Giants because we’ve beaten them eight in a row, 12 of the last 13, and 21 of the last 24. Since 2008, it’s been an absolute domination,” Lefkoe said on The DA Show. “But if you think that I am getting any real joy from this Eagles team, well, then I’m going too hard because I actually think this is miserable. I’m not enjoying it at all.”

The Eagles, at 2-4-1, are atop the woeful NFC East. Every other division leader has at least four wins.

“I don’t want to win the NFC East,” Lefkoe said. “I don’t want to have that first game where somehow Chicago gets a Wild Card and Nick Foles comes back to Philadelphia and yet again we have to have this conversation [about Foles versus Carson Wentz]. This season, and in general, is causing me much malaise. 

“So Sunday, really, my happiness has been reduced to how is my fantasy team doing,” Lefkoe continued, “which lately has been good, but I know in the long run is not good for my health. So this is a cry for help. I accepted this interview request because I need help, D.A., and I am begging you to save me.”

The Eagles’ NFC East fate may be decided in their next two games. They host the Cowboys (2-4) in Week 8, have a bye in Week 9, and play the Giants (1-5) in Week 10.