Love on Rodgers: “He’s a great dude; we’ve had no problems”

Aaron Rodgers Packers
Photo credit USA Today Images

When the Green Bay Packers traded up to select Jordan Love with the 26th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, social media was buzzing.

Would the Packers move on from Aaron Rodgers? And if not, would Rodgers and Love have a contentious relationship?

As it turns out, no and no.

“The main thing he told me was the media is going to try to paint a picture of our relationship [but] don't listen to that stuff. Just take it day by day with our relationship,” Love said on Tiki & Tierney, referring to his relationship with Rodgers. “He’s a great dude. We've had no problems. I’ve had no problems with him. He’s a good dude to be around.”

Rodgers responded to Love’s draft selection by having an MVP-caliber season and leading the Packers back to the NFC Championship. Love, 22, may one day become the Packers’ franchise quarterback, but it looks like he’ll have to wait a little bit longer before getting an opportunity.

"Yeah, it's super hard,” Love said of sitting. “Obviously, the reason I wanted to be a part of the NFL is to play in it. Sitting on the side is hard, but at the same time I understand it's a good opportunity just to be able to learn and try to take it day by day and improve my game that, when my name is called upon, I’m ready to not skip a beat and just be able to take off.”