Bonnalie: The Best Part Of The Bad Hotel Room Was The Sink


PGA Tour caddie Geno Bonnalie dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Wednesday to discuss the viral video he posted to Twitter on Monday, which details his shoddy motel accommodations for the U.S. Open.

Bonnalie’s Airbnb reservation was canceled the day before he arrived in the New York, so he booked a room in Mamaroneck. He satirically called his video, which has nearly 1 million views, “Caddie Cribs: Major Championship Edition.” The video details issues with the walls, carpeting, and bathroom sink, among other areas.

The sink, it is worth noting, is literally falling off the wall but is being propped up by an unstable shower rod.

“I didn’t even notice it at first,” said Bonnalie, who caddies for Joel Dahmen. “I went in and brushed my teeth and was kind of getting ready for bed, and I just grabbed the sink to turn the water on and the whole thing moved. That’s when I started looking at it. I thought, ‘This is incredible. I’ve got to take a video of this place.’”

Click below to listen to Bonnalie's interview in its entirety.