Shaun Phillips on ’06 Chargers “We Should Have Never Let Marty Go”


Shaun Phillips spent 11 seasons in the NFL after being drafted in the 4th round of the 2004 draft. He was selected by the San Diego Chargers and the 1st head coach he ever knew professionally was the late, great Marty Schottenheimer.

Phillips quickly learned just how hard it would be to win in the playoffs and 2006 highlighted that after the Chargers went 14-2 and were eliminated in the divisional round of the playoffs. Phillips joined The DA Show to reflect on the passing of his 1st coach and looked back at the shocking dismissal by the organization on a Head Coach that had just navigated a grueling regular season to an amazing 14-2 record.

“I never want to say anything bad about the Spanos family… but I think we shouldn’t have let Marty go. I guess everyone really feels that way. I feel like that was the bigger disappointment, because when you come off a 14-2 season and then you lose and then get fired where’s the standard? Basically you are saying the standard is you win a Super Bowl or nothing.”

Phillips would go onto add “I felt like Marty was the heart and soul of the organization and I wish we would have got a few more years out of him.”