Maggie & Perloff: Is it time to give up on the Lakers' title hopes?


Frank Vogel's time as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers might be coming to an end rather soon. One day after The Athletic reported that the front office has been evaluating Vogel on a game-to-game basis and questioning his role, the team laid yet another egg at home on Wednesday, this time to the inferior Indiana Pacers. And, naturally, this loss for the Lakers wasn't drama-free.

Hoping to light some sort of spark late in the fourth quarter, Vogel elected to bench superstar guard Russell Westbrook, who had made only 5 of 17 shots. When asked about Westbrook after the game, Vogel simply told reporters that he was, "playing the guys that I thought were going to win the game." A blunt quote that further proves internal tension and pressure.

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"They can fire Vogel tomorrow. Do you think that's going to fix this Westbrook issue?" Maggie Gray said during Thursday's edition of the Maggie and Perloff show. "Why does anyone think the coach is the one who's really to blame for the Lakers' woes? My ultimate question is, why is the front office panicking when Davis has been out the last month?... Why do they need scapegoating right now? They're under .500, but they're not playing with their full team."

"No team with Westbrook is ever going to win an NBA title -- that means their front office screwed up," Perloff said. "What's a front office going to do when they've screwed up, and you look at this roster? Everyone who's 38 and older and still in the NBA is on the Lakers... Front office realizes they screwed up, in the design of this team. They let so many good defensive players go from the championship team. What do you do if you're the front office? Blame [Vogel]."

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