Tom Izzo on Coach K's legacy: 'He'll be missed, he's one of the icons'


Mike Krzyzewski, the winningest coach in men's college basketball history, began his farewell tour on Thursday, as he announced in a press conference that this upcoming season will in fact be his last at the helm of Duke.

And longtime Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo is sad, but not surprised to see Krzyzewski's esteemed career coming to a close.

"I'm going to miss his experience. I'm going to miss his knowledge," Izzo told the Tiki and Tierney show on Thursday. "Experience usually is knowledge, and it's important knowledge. And Mike's been great, great for the game because he's been on all these committees. Even to the end here, he's on them, trying to always make the game better. I'm not going to miss -- I don't know what I am against him, like 3-10 or 4-11 -- I'm going to miss everything except that... He's going to be missed, guys. He's one of the icons.

"He's built the program. Duke had won something in the '70s, but I mean the consistency. The one thing that I looked at when I got this job [at Michigan State], can I be consistent. Anybody can have a one-time moment, but I think all of us want to be consistent, year after year after year. Nobody's been much more consistent than he has in 40-41 years. I mean, I'm going on 27. I've still got 14 years to go to try to stay that consistent -- which, by the way, won't happen. So if either one of you have kids that want to come to me in 10 years, I promise you I won't be there."

Krzyzewski, a Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer, has won 1,097 total games and five national titles at Duke across 41 seasons. The 74-year-old is also a three-time College Coach of the Year, who's won 15 ACC tournament championships and taken the Blue Devils to the Final Four a dozen times.

A major changing of the guard is coming to college basketball. Between the chaotic player transfer portal, one-and-done superstars, and the debate on NIL rights, the game that Krzyzewski and Izzo have known is disappearing. There's a new attitude, a new way of business, a new landscape.

And although Izzo harbors some concerns about the direction the game is heading, he isn't ready to step away from Michigan State.

"I guess they tell me that you should have a good exit strategy, but I say this: when I don't take red-eyes from Vegas to Orlando anymore, when I don't feel like coming into work, I'm not staying an extra year. I'm just done," Izzo said. "It's the meter. When the problem meter overrides the enjoyment meter, then it's time to go. I do have a passion for what I do. I love my job. I'm getting a little concerned about my profession..."

At 66, Izzo ranks 45th all-time in men's Division I wins with 643. Only 527 away from tying Krzyzewski's mark.

The entire conversation between Izzo and Tiki and Tierney can be accessed in the audio player above.

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