Maggie & Perloff: Pete Carroll honest about Seahawks' disinterest in Baker Mayfield?


The retooling Seattle Seahawks -- which will enter the 2022 campaign without star veteran Russell Wilson -- passed on taking a quarterback with one of their nine picks in this year's NFL Draft. And although the franchise has been linked to trade rumors involving Baker Mayfield this offseason, longtime head coach Pete Carroll dismissed the notion of acquiring the former first-overall pick from the Cleveland Browns during a recent radio interview.

Of course, Carroll's comments don't necessarily mean that the Seahawks are out on Mayfield as a potential starter for them. At this time, the Browns aren't willing to negotiate his release, but if a true trade opportunity doesn't emerge in the coming weeks, they may have no choice but to cut ties and eat money. Then, the Seahawks could swoop in for Mayfield at a discount. Before Wilson was traded to the Denver Broncos, Carroll told reporters that the team had no plans of moving him. So, do Carroll's comments on Mayfield hold any water?

"Look, it's a must-lie situation... This is why we really can't take Carroll at his word... Forgive us if we can't really buy this at face value," Maggie Gray said during the Maggie and Perloff show on Friday. "It's happening. Whatever the terms are with Baker Mayfield that have to get worked out, I think this is what should happen. And this is also where I think the Seahawks would be making a mistake if they don't get Mayfield on their roster."

"I think they won't trade for him, because they would've had to trade before the draft, to give a pick to them. Unless it's next year's pick," Andrew Perloff said. "I feel like they're really waiting. It's like some game of chicken with the Browns. The Browns are saying, 'Somebody's going to trade for him,' and the Seahawks are like, 'We're not going to give up anything and pay his full salary.' Most likely scenario, he gets cut by the Browns, signs with the Seahawks."

Maggie and Perloff's complete thoughts on Seattle's quarterback situation can be accessed in the audio player above.

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