CBS Eye on Veterans | Warrior country star Sal Gonzalez, voting & saucy CEO

Rising Country music star Sal Gonzalez talks Wounded Warrior Project and his new album Heroes
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Marine Corps veteran Sal Gonzalez went from combat to country music success with Wounded Warrior Project

Halloween may be all about scary ghost stories, but for Marine Corps veteran Sal Gonzalez, it’s also the anniversary of his nightmare -- the day he almost died in Ramadi, Iraq. During our interview, he shared his incredible journey from the battlefield to national television.

Sal Gonzalez and his fellow Marines in Ramadi, Iraq
Above: Sal Gonzalez and his fellow Marines ready to take care of business in Iraq. The vehicle he was in when his life changed forever.

Gonzalez would eventually become a Wounded Warrior Project ambassador, which would lead him to NBC's "America’s Got Talent," which in turn launched his career in country music. Since his time on the show Gonzalez has appeared on other shows including, "Nashville" and the "Kelly Clarkson Show."

Sal Gonzalez talks about his journey from combat to country

His recent album "Heroes" has some incredible songs inspired by his fellow veterans, including some lyrical nods to the fighting in Ramadi in the heavy alt-country rock song "Shadow of Death."

Check out Sal Gonzalez's latest EP Heroes.

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