Ex-Green Beret sentenced in Japan over Carlos Ghosn escape

Mike Taylor
Photo credit Courtesy of the Taylor family

The latest chapter in the dramatic Carlos Ghosn story comes to a close as ex-Green Beret Mike Taylor and his son Peter are sentenced to prison terms in Japan.

Ghosn was the former CEO of Nissan who was facing criminal charges in Japan when he suddenly disappeared from house arrest and re-appeared in his home country of Lebanon. His dramatic escape involved a former Special Forces soldier named Mike Taylor who has now plead guilty to helping Ghosn escape. Taylor's escape plan included loading Ghosn into a musical instrument case with holes drilled into it which was then transported onto a private airplane.

Taylor and his son, Peter, were arrested in the United States and eventually extradited to Japan. The case against Peter Taylor was far more circumstantial and unclear as to his level of involvement in helping Ghosn escape.

The Taylors sought as speedy a resolution to the trial by pleading guilty, knowing they could spend additional years trapped in Japan and almost certainly would be found guilty at trial if they fought the charges.

Japanese courts have a conviction rate of over 99% and trials are known to drag out for years in a system that is in no way comparable to the American judicial process.

The elder Taylor was sentenced to two years while his son received one year and eight months in prison.

Meanwhile, Ghosn continues to reside in Lebanon, a country that does not have an extradition treaty with Japan.

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