More veterans can now be remembered with a Veterans Legacy Memorial page

500,000 veterans are now eligible to have a page on the Veterans Legacy Memorial website. Photo credit Getty Images

The Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Legacy Memorial website has been expanded to include individual pages for nearly 500,000 veterans interred in 93 state, territorial, and tribal veteran cemeteries.

"Because of the expansion of VLM to VA grant-funded state, territorial and tribal veterans cemeteries, many families — including my own — will have the opportunity to memorialize their veterans online,” explained Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs Matthew Quinn.

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VLM offers family and friends a way to share lasting memories of a Veteran by uploading written tributes, photos, biographies, documents, and other information to veterans' pages.

These pages join the nearly four million VLM pages already on the site memorializing veterans interred in VA's 155 national cemeteries.

The 93 cemeteries which will have their veterans added to VLM are all recipients of VA grants through the National Cemetery Administration's Veterans Cemetery Grants Program. These cemeteries also use the same software program NCA uses to schedule and record interments in VA national cemeteries.

"Memorializing our nation's veterans and providing their families with a way to honor and remember their service is important to every state and territory," said National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs president Thomas Palladino.

More than 22,000 submissions have been made to veterans' profile pages in VLM since the site launched in 2019. All submitted content is reviewed by NCA moderators before being posted to a veteran's page to ensure it conforms to VLM User Policy.

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