Adorable Baby White Rhino Born At Orlando's Animal Kingdom

Rhino calf and mother
Photo credit dlugoska / Getty

First off, check out this picture of the cute baby rhino...

I mean, that's just freaking onto the story...

A new baby rhinoceros was welcomed into the world at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Mother rhino Kendi gave birth to the yet to be named male white rhino calf on Sunday.

The average weight for a rhino at birth is 140 pounds. There are reports that our little guy came out at a whopping 150 pounds.

Currently the baby rhino is backstage at animal kingdom bonding and being nursed by his mother. Both will stay behind the scenes for the next few weeks and will eventually make their way out to the Kilimanjaro Safari area.

There are two more rhinos expected to be born soon. Jao in fall of 2021, and Lola is expected winter 2021.

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