Florida Man Fills Car With Frozen Iguanas; They Wake Up

iguana on tree
You may have heard (because the story was EVERYWHERE yesterday) that the National Weather Service in Miami issued a warning to watch for falling iguanas due to the cold. They are cold blooded creatures, unable to regulate their own body temperature. So when they're not near a heat source, their body will essentially "slow down" and "freeze" them... but it doesn't KILL them. It basically just makes them stiffen up and hybernate.

In an NPR segment, the host Ari Shapiro talked to Ron Magill at Zoo Miami who recalled a story where a man filled up his car with the frozen iguanas - their meat being a delicacy  - and while in the car, they thawed out... and attacked him.

And if you're wondering, "Okay, but are frozen iguanas falling out of trees a REAL thing?"