Conan Gray says tennis, art and science help him maintain a positive mental health space

Check out how his hobbies help keep him healthy!
Conan Gray
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Singer-songwriter, Conan Gray is no stranger to the high demands of a successful music career. With a hectic touring schedule and very little time to himself, the 23-year-old says he is sure to prioritize his mental health to maintain his best self.

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One of the ways Gray says he maintains a positive mental space is by talking to friends. “My friends are always checking in on me and I’m always checking in on them,” he shared. “I think it's really important to ask your friends how they're doing. It's a little embarrassing sometimes... but it's really important to ask. You never really know what they’re going. Through if you don’t ask.”

Gray recognizes it can be tough to prioritize your headspace in such a fast-paced world, something he admits he’s gotten caught up in.

“Try not to over-pack your schedule,” he shared. “I’ve done that many times and I have little, tiny crazy meltdowns — so don’t to that! And have some hobbies.”

Some of Gray’s zen-giving hobbies include video games, tennis, painting and science.

“I love to play video games with my friends, I love to play tennis, I love to paint, I love science. Anytime there’s a Natural History museum around on tour, I go!”

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