Janelle Monáe on using music as a therapeutic tool to improve mental health

'I think mental health care should be free for everybody'
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During a recent chat with Audacy, Janelle Monáe discussed the topic of mental health, sharing some of her opinions and tools to improve mental health.

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“Well, I wanna say this — I think mental health care should be free for everybody,” Janelle expressed. Noting that “we should be paying therapists way more,” along with “teachers and a whole list of other people.” Because, “our world is always gonna be better when people’s mental health is healthy.”

Janelle went on to say, “we make sure our cars have tune-ups and check-ups, and we go to the doctor and make sure we go to our gynecologists, or do our physical, all those things. But where is that support, in a real way, for mental health? Especially for younger folks coming up and trying to navigate life.”

"I have the opportunity to have what I like to call an emotional support coach, who is always there for me. This is also a friend that I’ve known and they got into this space after we were already friends. I trust them, I talk to them, and I’m able to just really be transparent about” her emotions, from being ”overwhelmed” to “dealing with anxiety.” Janelle finds talking to this individual and the use of “affirmations,” extremely helpful.

Additionally, and to no one's surprise, another therapeutic tool for Janelle, is music. “Music has definitely helped me have a healthier mentality about life. Like I can listen to a song and cry it out, dance it out, sex it out. Like I can transport through songs, through artists, through art — and that’s a powerful tool. Having something that can really make you feel better in your darkest of times.”

“And then also creating music,” Janelle added. “I found that when I’m creating… in music or outside of music. If I’m creating, and with the people that I love, at the right time and for the right reasons — I’m in peace, I’m in happiness, I’m in pure bliss.”

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