Lili Reinhart on the liberation of feeling your feelings

The 'Riverdale' star joins the 'On Purpose with Jay Shetty' podcast
Lili Reinhart
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We are often told that crying in front of others is a sign of weakness, that being vulnerable is allowing others to hurt you. Yet we have never been taught that listening to our thoughts and allowing ourselves to truly feel our emotions is often the best way to bring out our true self. On a brand new episode of On Purpose with Jay Shetty, Lili Reinhart joins Jay to discuss living with anxiety and how allowing yourself to feel your emotions can become liberating.

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Lili Reinhart ON: Living With Anxiety & Giving Yourself Permission to Feel All of Your Emotions
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Lili has quickly amassed an impressive resume as one of Hollywood’s most exciting young actors on screen and is quickly becoming a multi-faceted talent with projects as an executive producer and author. However, before she skyrocketed to fame by playing Betty Cooper on the CW series Riverdale, Lili had a handful of jobs, most of which lasted less than a day, due to her crippling anxiety.

But it was Lili’s drive to pursue her dream of becoming an actress that helped her overcome those obstacles.

“I never really gave myself a plan B, I didn’t have a backup option, I always knew I was going to be an actress. I didn’t know what my career would look like at all, and I still don’t know what it’s going to look like… but I really knew this is my dream, I have to do what I have to do to make this work.”

As an activist for mental health and body image, Lili uses her platform to raise awareness, often pointing out that these issues don’t go away, but that there are ways to help and cope.

In Lili’s case that was therapy, which she started attending as a kid. “For one hour a week I was speaking to someone who just got it. She was an older women, I instantly really loved her and connected with her,” Lili revealed. “I still felt like it wasn’t okay for me to be feeling what I was feeling, like it wasn’t justified, and maybe I’d be looked at as crazy. So I remember even in my therapy sessions, I’d be ‘oh god my allergies are so bad,’ as I had tears streaming down my face.”

Pointing out the radical difference of how emotions are dealt with in this regard, Lili recalled “even just from when I was a kid I feel like you heard the term, ‘don’t cry, you don’t need to cry’ — Crying is the most beautiful thing you can do, I encourage people to cry. I cry all the time, and I think it’s the most healthy expression of how your feeling.”

She continued, “I sometimes wish I could have been told ‘you can cry, there’s no shame in that, there’s no shame in how you’re feeling.”

Listen to the entire conversation above.

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