Billy Idol shares adorable video of his granddaughter dancing to ‘Rebel Yell’

Idol’s Instagram page is full of pictures and videos of his granddaughter, Poppy Rebel
Photo credit Ethan Miller / Staff

Along with being a rock star, Billy Idol is a proud grandfather as well. The 80’s icon is constantly sharing photos of his granddaughter, Poppy Rebel, on Instagram. Now, Idol is showing how he is passing down his skills to the next generation, sharing video of his granddaughter dancing to ‘Rebel Yell.’

In the video recently shared by Billy Idol, his granddaughter is seen happily dancing to the song she shares a name with. “OUR LITTLE REBEL,” Billy Idol captioned the video. Sitting next to Poppy Rebel as she hops around dancing to the song, is Idol looking like a proud grandfather.

According to his Instagram page, many online commented on the sweet moment, with some even requesting more videos of Poppy dancing to Billy Idol classics. Clearly Idol has embraced being a grandfather. It’s only a matter of time before his granddaughter is on stage with him.