Dad goes viral for Photoshop images of baby in extremely dangerous situations

The dad started making the photos whenever the mom would check in to see how their baby was doing
Photo credit Jelena Danilovic

For any new parent, going back to work and being away from their baby can be very stressful. They often worry and are constantly checking in to make sure everything is okay. For one father, he decided to have some fun with the situation, creating Photoshop images of his baby in extremely dangerous situations, whenever the mother would check in on them.

Kenny Deuss of Belgium went viral recently after sharing some of his Photoshop images, placing his 20-month old daughter in some situations not usually suitable for children. “When we had our daughter and my girlfriend had to go back to work, she asked me in messages all the time if I could send a photo so she knew Alix was safe. Then I decided to make something fun out of it. I always showed our daughter in a different dangerous situation,” said Deuss.

Some of the photos include; the baby as an astronaut, skateboarding, drinking alcohol, operating heavy machinery and more. Many on social media have shared these photos, making the baby go viral before her second birthday. Hopefully these photos don’t lead to a life of danger in the baby’s future.

Via Bro Bible