Dallas named the 2nd worst city in America for pollen allergies

Dallas was the only Texas city in the top 10
Photo credit Wavebreakmedia

Today is officially the first day or spring, and while many welcome the change of season, others know all it means is a return of their allergies. Sadly, those with allergies in DFW are in for another rough year as a new report recently named Dallas as one of the worst cities in America for pollen allergies. It was easily the highest ranking Texas city on the list, with no others making the top 10.

While many aspects of DFW are as close to perfect as possible, allergies have always been an issue in the metroplex. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recently unveiled the results of a study that looked at tree, grass and weed pollen scores, over-the-counter allergy medicine use and availability of board-certified allergists/immunologists to determine which cities have it the worst. According to WFAA, Dallas ranked number two on the list, with only Wichita, Kansas ahead of it.

The only other Texas city to make the top 20 was Houston at number 12. What gave Dallas such a high ranking was being ranked second for tree pollen, fourth for grass pollen and 26th for weed pollen. While DFW isn’t perfect, many would still take a few allergies over living anywhere else.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Wavebreakmedia