Sylvester Stallone shows fans what his character would look like in ‘Rocky’ prequel

The actor recently revealed he had been working on creating a ‘Rocky’ prequel series
Photo credit Leon Bennett / Stringer

Back in March, Sylvester Stallone revealed he was working on creating a ‘Rocky’ prequel series for television. While the actor recently said the project was on hold he still decided to give fans a look at what the show may look like. Stallone posted photos of what he imagined Rocky and Adrien would have looked like in the show, and now many fans are demanding the series get made.

With all the reboots and sequels currently being made, it seems like a ‘Rocky’ prequel series would have been a no-brainer for Hollywood. However, according to Sylvester Stallone, the series is unlikely to happen due to “certain complications.” Luckily, using FaceApp-generated images Stallone was able to show fans how he imagined his character would look in the film.

Along with his photo, he also shared how he imagined Talia Shire’s character would look as well, according to Cinema Blend. While some fans wondered how he would find actors that looked like this, the images made many others disappointed that this series is no longer in the works. Hopefully these images help get the series made one day.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Leon Bennett / Stringer