Sylvester Stallone unveils new ‘Rocky’ inspired clothing line

The clothing line features shirts, hoodies, boxing gloves and more
Photo credit Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff

Most people need a little motivation to get up and go to the gym. While for some, getting in shape inspires them to start working out, for others; something as simple as the perfect outfit is enough to get them moving.
Luckily for those people, Sylvester Stallone recently unveiled a new line of workout clothes inspired by ‘Rocky,’ so fans can feel like they are training for the big fight.

Sylvester Stallone surprised fans recently when he launched his new online shop featuring items inspired by ‘Rocky.’ Some of the items inspired by the 1976 film include; hoodies, sweats, a T-shirt advertising Shamrock Meats Inc., a boxing robe, and a fedora similar to the one Stallone wears throughout the series. Stallone is also selling authentic Tuf-Wear boxing gloves on the website, saying “Mr. T almost showed me my own liver with this glove. When you punch with these... it hurts."

According to Yahoo, Stallone’s website also pays homage to another one of his iconic characters, with a military fatigue-style overshirt with J. Rambo sewn into the chest. Many fans were excited to get their own Rocky gear for their next workout. Expect this to lead to plenty of training montages in the future.