Guided By The Christmas Lights


Looking for the best holiday light displays in the Bay Area? A website creator has turned into an indispensable source of information for people looking to get into the Christmas spirit. 

Alex Dourov, of Livermore manages

“It’s been a labor of love,” Dourov told KCBS Radio.

Dourov said he came up with the idea 20 years ago after seeing newspaper ads for Christmas lights in his area. He named his first website

The website includes pictures and descriptions of nearly 300 holiday-decorated houses across California.

All you have to do is type your city into the search bar, and a list of photos and addresses will pop up on your screen.

“I look for what I feel is a ‘wow’ factor,” Dourov said. “It’s this tasteful display of everything they’ve got in their yards.”

In addition to tracking the best Christmas lights, Dourov puts in a lot of effort to decorate his home for the season.

His light display took 57 hours to complete. Seemingly, every inch of his front yard is covered with decorations and games. There's even a virtual reality Santa Claus in a window. 

“There’s things like buttons to push, snow to play in and a phone on the porch to call Santa,” he said.

The attractions have enticed families to get out of their cars and take part in the activities.

“It’s very unique," Dourov said. "There’s no other website that does this kind of a service that has that much accuracy and comprehensive information about these houses."