Difference Makers: Fremont Teens Write Thank You Cards For Frontline Heroes

Mantaj and Prabhleen Lamba have created Cards 4 COVID Heroes to show thanks to those who need it most during the coronavirus pandemic.
Photo credit Carrie Hodousek/KCBS Radio

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, doctors, nurses and other health care professionals have been putting in long hours while wearing masks and other protective gear to help save lives.

That burden alone inspired Washington High School students Mantaj and Prabhleen Lamba to show their appreciation by writing thank you cards.

"This told us we had to do something to show them that we’re so grateful for everything they’re doing for us," Prabhleen said.

Part of their inspiration to give back comes from their religious beliefs.

"We are Sikh Americans, so one of our core principles of the religion is ‘seva’ which means selfless service," he said.

So far, they’ve collected over 200 cards that include messages of gratitude.

The cards have been delivered to UC Davis Medical Center, Los Angeles Community Hospital and Zuckerberg San Francisco Medical Center. They are currently working to send cards to a hospital in Arizona, which is another coronavirus hotspot.

"We hope to deliver to hospitals outside of California and involve community members who maybe can’t come up here to drop off a card if they live far away," she said.

If you know someone who is working to keep us safe during the coronavirus pandemic and would like to nominate them as a KCBS Difference Maker, send us an email.