Medical Patients Relieved By San Leandro's First Dispensary


SAN LEANDRO — The wait for legal weed has been a long one in San Leandro. But he city opened its first marijuana dispensary on Friday with a ribbon-cutting at Blum, which looks more like a day spa than a pot shop. 

For now, the East Bay city will only permit medical marijuana stores to open, which was fine with Jacquie Propps, who lives in San Leandro and suffers from chronic pain. 

"I haven't used ibuprofen since I got my medical cannabis card, and that's a big deal," said Propps. 

The store's modern decor and variety of regulated products may be a pleasant contrast for customers who are tired of dealing with the black market, said Beth Chandler, vice president for retail. 

"Having a more open concept, like walking into a retail store like you would go to Nordstrom's or a boutique, it needs to feel free," said Chandler.

The edibles, lotions and other cannabis products have been tested for conformity under the state

"You care about what you put into your body when you go to Whole Foods. Why would you go to a black market and not know are there pesticides?" said Chandler. 

Two more medical dispensaries are expected to open in the city later this year.