Palo Alto Police Attacked And Taunted Gay Man, Lawsuit Alleges

police car lights
Photo credit TheaDesign/Getty Images
PALO ALTO — A gay man has filed a lawsuit against the Palo Alto Police Department, claiming he was attacked by a group of police officers who insulted him with homophobic language.

According to court documents, in February, 2018,  five Palo Alto police officers kicked down Gustavo Alvarez' door and ripped him from his home, then slammed him onto the hood of his car — knocking out some of his teeth — all while taunting him for being gay. 

The encounter happened after Alvarez had refused to be detained for allegedly driving with a suspended license, he said. 

Alvarez was booked for DUI and resisting arrest. Those charges were later dropped for lack of evidence.

The suit filed in federal court claims the officers violated Alvarez' civil rights. 

The Mercury News reports this is at least the third time in recent years that Palo Alto Police have been accused of using excessive force. 

The Palo Alto Police Department has declined to comment on the case due to the pending litigation.