After Wildly Successful Burger Impersonation, Impossible Foods Turns To Pizza Topping


REDWOOD CITY — The Silicon Valley company behind the Impossible Burger is now rolling out a meatless sausage at a national pizza chain.

The sausage patty will be the second meatless product introduced by the culinary scientists of Impossible Foods of Redwood City. 

The meatless sausage looks and sounds like the pork version it seeks to emulate. A KCBS Radio reporter recently toured the facility, seeing the sausage cooked on a stove. 

'The sizzling are the fats leaking out," said Impossible Foods Director of Product Innovation Celeste Holz-Schietinge.

The fats in the sausage are mostly made from coconut and sunflower oil, and combined with a soy protein. 

"The combination gives the right mouth feel and helps the flavor," said Holz-Schietinge.

The Impossible Sausage will debut as a pizza topping at 58 Little Caesar's restaurants in Florida, Washington and New Mexico. 

Burger King recently announced it was taking the Impossible Whopper nationwide. 

Company spokesperson Rachel Conrad says they are struggling to keep up with demand for their meatless products. The company is adding employees and aims to double production this year.