Breed says blaming NWS for improper storm forecast was 'misunderstanding'

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS RADIO) – Mayor London Breed said earlier this week that San Francisco didn't have the proper forecast to prepare adequately for what turned into the second wettest day in the city on record.

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Some took this as a direct criticism of the National Weather Service.

"We did anticipate a lower number, but we were told the Bay Area-wide would receive about – even with the update of two inches – and in San Francisco in particular it would not be more than one inch," said Breed.

The actual number of inches turned out to be closer to five. But the NWS did issue a flood watch for the entire Bay Area, which includes San Francisco.

"I think that there was just a misunderstanding," she said. "I think the relationship has always been a good relationship."

"I think the press tried to spin it as if we're fighting with one another and we're not," said Breed.

"We support one another, we rely on one another," she said. "They're there to provide a service for cities who deal with natural disasters."

Breed told KCBS Radio on Thursday that she had a discussion with the director of the NWS, explaining that she never intended to blame the service for the flooding in the city.

The most important takeaway from the last week, according to Breed, is that "San Francisco rose to the occasion."

"This is a city where an earthquake can happen at any time, any natural disaster, and we sprang into action," she said.

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