How fire survivors can vote by mail


Elections officials want to make sure that wildfire survivors get a chance to vote, even if they no longer have a mailing address in their local county.

Survivors who are living at a temporary address need to know that their ballot will not be forwarded with the rest of their mail.

“Their original ballot could not be forwarded because the post office can’t forward. Even if the fire survivor had put a forwarding address in, that ballot came back to us. It can’t be forwarded under any circumstances,” explained Napa County Registrar of Voters John Tuteur.

Survivors will have to reach out to their county elections office directly and let them know where to send a replacement ballot.

“If you have a temporary address – it doesn’t even have to be in Napa County – where you’re staying with friends, we will mail you a ballot to whatever temporary address you tell us,” said Tuteur.

Tuteur says the deadline to request a replacement by email or phone is Oct. 27. After that, “you can come in person to our office from the 28th through the 30th, and then all of our vote centers open on Halloween. And you’re welcome to come in costume.”

Voters can also choose to re-register at their new address.

Click here for more information from Napa County and here for Sonoma County.