Marin Fire Officials Call For More Prescribed Burns


Fire officials in Marin County are advocating for the use of more prescribed burns to reduce the amount of vegetation that serves as fuel during a blaze, but many residents are resistant to the idea.

“At completion of a prescribed burning process, the area that you cleared will be immediately safer, and the effects typical last for years,” said Bruce Goines, board member of the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority.

However, a lot of county residents worry that the controlled blazes will get out of hand, and with smoke blanketing the Bay Area from so many wildfires, they don’t want any more.

“The difference between smoke from a prescribed wildfire and smoke from a natural fire is just order of magnitude difference, an order of magnitude less consequential, I would say,” Goines told KCBS Radio.

California is already planning to conduct more prescribed burns as a form of wildfire prevention.