'Bitter Academia:' Who in Jane Stanford's inner circle had most to gain with her death?

Jane relied on a handful of people during her later years.
Jane relied on a handful of people during her later years. Photo credit KCBS Radio

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS RADIO) – In the latter part of her life, Jane Stanford had few people she felt she could trust.

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After her husband's death, it becomes clear that the rest of her family have more interest in getting their hands on more of the Stanford fortune than they do in having a relationship with her.

As a result, she distances herself from many people, and cuts off those that she feels has wronged her. In the end, all those close to her become her employees, and even those relationships become fraught.

In "Episode 3: Golden Handcuffs," we learn more about the main people in Jane's life. Her secretary, her servants, and the president of the university.

All of these people have had long relationships with Jane, and have a lot to gain if she was gone.

One of those people, Bertha Berner, had perhaps the closest relationship with Jane at the time of her death. And Bertha was the only person present at both poisonings.

David Starr Jordan, the university president at the time, was on the cusp of getting fired, and he knew it.

Could one, or possibly both, have had something to do with her death?

If you haven't listened to the first two episodes, catch up here.

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