Marijuana sales booming during year of stress and uncertainty


While many businesses have been struggling mightily during the pandemic, marijuana dispensaries are seeing record sales, with many customers are looking for ways to relieve stress during what's been a turbulent year.

The day after the election, Rashaad Logan's first stop was the NUG Wellness marijuana dispensary in San Leandro.

“Definitely, definitely a stress reliever, definitely,” he said. “I feel like it’s good for people. It’s a resource outside of alcohol or any other thing that people use as a stress reliever and has other purposes, medical purposes.”

And he is far from alone.

“Absolutely seen an increase in the use of cannabis in 2020,” said Nico Enea, the founder of NUG Wellness. “Every month we’ve increased our sales month over month, including the month of October.”

Marijuana sales have steadily increased across the country this year, and that growth is likely to continue with several states voting to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

“The stress of COVID, the stress of the election has really been a huge tailwind to our sales in terms of bringing in new customers who’ve never tried cannabis,” said Enea.

NUG Wellness has capitalized on the chaos of 2020, offering an Election Day special of 15 percent off to any shopper with an “I Voted” sticker.

Sales have almost quadrupled since the San Leandro dispensary opened one year ago and other Bay Area dispensaries have reported similar growth.

Back in May, the Governor’s office deemed dispensaries as an essential business and allowed them to reopen because of its medicinal uses.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images