Planters is seeking nine people to travel the country for a year in its NUTmobile

Mr. Peanut & Frank Thomas
Mr. Peanut & Frank Thomas Photo credit Timothy Hiatt / Stringer

If you've ever dreamed of driving the 12 foot-tall, 13,000 pound Planters NUTmobile around the country, now is your chance. Planters is seeking nine new "peanutters" to act as brand representatives and travel the country for a year.

Planters refers to the NUTmobile as a "PR firm on wheels" and you'll be expected to create peanut-centric content for social media as you make stops around the U.S.

Those who wish to apply should have a Bachelor's degree in business, PR, journalism, media management, or communications. You'll also need a valid driver's license and be a good personality fit for the job. You have until Friday February 19th to apply and you can do so here.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Timothy Hiatt / Stringer