What will NASA's next-gen spacesuits look like and when will humans go back to the moon?

A replica of a spacesuit from 1969.
A replica of a spacesuit from 1969. Photo credit Alex Wong/Getty Images

(WWJ) – It’s been nearly half a century since the last time humans were on the moon, but NASA is paving the way for that to happen again, preparing for a potential launch this month of the Artemis 1 moon rocket, which recently returned to the launch pad for testing.

The unmanned mission will be a trip around the moon, but Artemis could soon be bringing astronauts back to the moon.

And what do astronauts need? Spacesuits, of course. NASA is turning to the private sector to make its next-gen suits, but will they feature a Nike “swoosh” or the famous Ralph Lauren logo?

Not exactly. Mike Murray of the Delta College Planetarium in Bay City joins WWJ’s Erin Vee for a new episode of “All Over the Space” to talk about NASA’s latest missions – and “fashion" -- and more

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images