Delta variant has doctors 'definitely concerned' about unvaccinated Californians


California’s COVID-19 numbers are the lowest they’ve been since the pandemic started.

UCSF Professor of Medicine, Dr Peter Chin-Hong, told KCBS Radio’s "As Prescribed" on Thursday a bit of a bump in numbers is inevitable as the state reopens. "But that bump in cases is unlikely at this moment to translate to an exponential increase in cases, which we call a surge," he said.

With more than 85% of people over 65 immunized, he said there is no longer the fear of running out of hospital beds.

But – the Delta variant, first identified in India – has him "definitely concerned" about unvaccinated adults.

"So, for the older individuals it’s probably a very, very dangerous time," Dr. Chin-Hong said. "The delta variant is not like the regular COVID or even the alpha variant first described in the U.K. It’s kind of like a bulldog it comes in and it doesn’t let go."

The Delta variant has proven to be more transmissible.

"The second superpower, I think, is frightening to some which is that it’s more vaccine evading," he added. "When you look at the data you need really two shots of a two-shot series to get full benefit from Delta as opposed to regular variant, where you can get away with good protection after one shot."

It’s more infectious and younger people could get sicker than they might have if they caught a different variant.