New Poll Shows Biden With 6 Point Lead Over Trump In PA, 5 Other Battleground States


ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, Nj. (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - A new poll from CNBC and Change Research shows Democratic candidate Joe Biden Holding a six point lead over President Donald Trump in six battleground states, including Pennsylvania.

Biden leads Trump 50 percent to 44 percent in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

That is three points higher than a previous poll conducted two weeks ago.

Biden also holds a national lead of eight points, 49 percent to Trump’s 41 percent.

Data shows voters in battleground states are growing more concerned of the impact of COVID-19, up 14 points compared to two weeks ago.

55 percent of people say they believe things are getting worse.

35 percent of people blame Trump for things getting worse followed by people not wearing masks at 34 percent, states reopening too quickly at 32 percent and lack of social distancing at 29 percent.

3,700 voters from the six battleground states were polled along with 1,600 nationally.

Key findings of the poll found:

  • Democratic nominee Joe Biden holds his lead on President Donald Trump in all six key battleground states. Biden is also winning at least half of the vote (50%) in five of the six states, except for Michigan (48%).
  • A record low 46% of battleground state voters approve of President Donald Trump’s job performance (54% disapprove). Meanwhile, approval of how the President is handling the coronavirus outbreak also dipped to a record low 43%, down two points since the last poll conducted two weeks ago.   
  • Battleground voters are increasingly concerned about COVID-19, with those recording ‘serious concerns’ up ten points since two weeks ago (now 49%). The biggest change is an increase in Republican battleground voters’ concern (also up ten points from two weeks ago).
  • Battleground voters are taking increased measures of precaution, with 79% avoiding crowds (up from 74% two weeks ago) and 75% wearing masks (up from 68%).
  • Battleground voters continue to view the economy, jobs and cost of living as their biggest concern, (50% vs. 53% in mid-June). Now, they report COVID-19 as their second biggest concern, up twelve points since the last poll (42%), with a marginal lead over healthcare and drug costs (41%).
  • 55% of battleground voters (up from 53% two weeks ago) do not agree that “Donald Trump has done enough to help working Americans make it through the current economic downturn.”
    • 48% of battleground voters report lost wages in their household as a result of COVID-19. 77% are still experiencing wage cuts.
    • 36% of battleground voters report they or someone in their household lost a job or was furloughed as a result of COVID-19.  75% remain out of a job or furloughed.
    • 54% of battleground voters say they are “more concerned that if we don’t extend the additional $600 a week in unemployment benefits that people who have lost jobs will fall further behind and the recession will get deeper.”

The “States of Play” poll was conducted June 26 – June 28.

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