Say I Love Yinz This Valentine's Day With These Purely Pittsburgh Cards

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Photo credit Yinzer Cards

Valentine’s Day will be here Thursday. Have you got that special someone that perfect card that tells them how much you care?

If your partner is a pure Pittsburgher, with a sense of humor, they’ll probably be impressed if  you get them a Yinzer Card, the series of greeting cards from the trio of comedian Jim Krenn, cartoonist Rob Rogers and KDKA Radio host Larry Richert.

They are available at local Giant Eagle and Market District stores offer three choices for Valentine’s Day.

One card features Pittsburgh rock icon Donnie Iris with the words, “My heartbeat reaches a crescendo when I see ya. . . like when Donnie Iris sings the chorus of Ah Leah.”

"Everyone knows that Jim Krenn is in love with Donnie Iris ... so it's no surprise Donnie would end up on a romantic card like this," said Rogers.

A portion of the sale proceeds will also benefit Animal Friends, a non-profit animal resource center helping pets and their owners in Western Pennsylvania.