The Real Life Heroes Behind Superhero Day At Children's Hospital


PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Twice a year window cleaners dressed as “super heroes” propel down the outside walls of UPMC Children’s Hospital cleaning windows and putting smiles on kid’s faces the whole time.

KDKA Radio’s Wendy Bell joined Allegheny Window Cleaning Incorporated early Wednesday as their employees dressed as Batman, Superman, Captain America and Spider-Man scaled the building cleaning the windows along the way.

The kids get a kick out of seeing the guys in costume but the workers don’t need a cape or mask, they’re real-life heroes that continue to give even though they have face their own adversities.

Jim Zaremba is a Marine Corps and National Guard vet who has served time in Iraq. He says he enjoys Superheroes day because it reminds him how much he has to be thankful for.

Rick Bollinger missed superhero day last year because he was recovering from intestinal surgery and had his kidney removed after they found a cyst. He also knows how important Children’s is having lost a son to a horrible house fire years back.

Edward Hetrick has been participating in superhero day for seven year. He says it makes him feel good to see the children, going through so much, have a smile on their face at least for a little bit.

Hetrick had to have emergency surgery after doctors discovered a brain cyst that was obstructing the fluid from going into his spine.

Steve, dressed as Captain America has been participating in the event for nine years and he loves putting a smile on the children’s face.

All of the men have been with Allegheny Window Cleaning for at least 10 years and they purchased their own costumes.

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