Temple Student Publicly Shamed For Posting Pic to Social Media of $10 Bill with Pro-Trump Phrases Written on It


The degree to which the left will stop to ruin reputations, spread lies and destroy lives is both breathtaking and despicable. They don’t even care if their ire is correctly founded. Once you’re in their crosshairs, forget it.

Today, a story that leaves me speechless. And a reminder that it could happen to anyone, regardless of their views. THIS, America, is what insanity looks like.

19-year-old Peyton Mulder, from York, PA, attends Temple University in Philadelphia. Her younger sister works at Round The Clock diner in York and one day while working at the diner, she received a tip of a ten dollar bill. Written on the bill she was given were all sorts of pro-Trump messages. Mulder took a photo of the bill and posted it to her a social media account.

"This was a tip that she received one day. And she just came home and she's like 'look at this tip I got' and the way I looked at it, it was just a raw representation of the controversy that we are in. This is history. This entire election year is going to be history and it's just something that can definitely look back on 20 years from now and say, 'wow, this is what times were like'."

"It was on my VSCO account for maybe four to five days, a little less than a week and I was actually at the beach and I checked my phone there was just a blow up of notifications. I had my sorority president calling me telling me to call her. So I had no idea what was going on so they were actually the ones to tell me about this post."

Mulder said she's never spoken to Marvin Manalo, the man who publicly shamed her over the photo and called for her sorority, the university and her employer to take to take action against her. Manalo is reportedly the Deputy Director of Communications for the Temple University student government body.

"This gentleman does not know me. He doesn't follow me, I don't follow him. I wouldn't have had a clue besides the comments and texts," she said. "So the [sorority> president called me, she told me right away, delete the post, we need a public apology because DPhiE (Delta Phi Epsilon) is in trouble, their images is in trouble. They don't want to be seen as a sorority that has someone that is a racist."

"After the post, I asked my president if I could call him, not even message or text, just a phone call. I know he's friends with a lot of the girls that were in my sorority, so there were ways I could get his contact information." She said, "They told me to refrain from contacting him, so I have yet to have one conversation with this guy.

It was devastating to her. "It's awful because I loved my sorority. It was my favorite thing. I would never stop talking about it. It's sad because my life, at least for a 19-year-old, was everything I wanted. It was perfect. I had a job that was walkable distance from where I lived. I was in the city. I had my sorority. I was with my school. And it's all gone. It all disappeared and I will never have that again. It is devastating."

Peyton told Wendy that even her friends turned against her. "The first couple days they were pretty good. Then exposure just kept coming." She continued, "We are not on speaking terms. They're also my roommates. Some things that they have said to me were 'that reaching out to me at all is caring enough. They told me that this isn't about me and I need to stop playing the victim card."

Mulder said, the controversy has even followed her home to York and her sister, is now being targeted. "People her age are starting this petition to get her fired. People that I graduated with are tagging "Round The Clock" in posts saying that 'you have a racist working for you, I hope you do something about this'. So they're after her too. She gets hate-filled messages on her social media messages just as I do."

So what does this tell Peyton about society today? "It's honestly really scary because in my generation, the conservatives are the minority. The left is the majority and they are so loud. Some are so loud and hateful in vicious ways and we fear using our voice. They are inflicting fear to keep us silent. An dwe are scared and we're trying to avoid humiliation and, in my case, an entire life being completely uprooted. We live in a society where social media is the most forceful platform and it is dominated by the left. People are hiding behind their screens and they can't handle a mature conversation; a proactive conversation discussing disagreements. The urge to attack is just overpowering the value of a simple conversation. Some people just cannot bear the fact of someone not agreeing with them.

"We see liberal biases on social media and tv every single day and we're just expected to swallow it, stay quiet, accept it. But when we post something "insensitive," we're attacked and labeled as a racist. I find it as a double standard. We're being silenced. People ar epreaching diversity and acceptance, but politically, if it doesn't align with their agenda, then we're told to shut up. They belittle us, they label us and they dox us," she said. "I'm scared. I think if we keep allowing the left to have the upper hand and silence us, the society is going to turn into something where our values are not respected and political discrimination will be the norm. You can't fight discrimination with more discrimination.

"I think we need to get loud. I think we need to get loud in a way more respectful way, but we do need to get loud. We need to stop being afraid of what they can take away from us. We can't give them that power."

Can we please give this girl the attention she ordered? Covert racism doesn’t fly; not now, not ever @peyton_mulder pic.twitter.com/gWkBIDuVSv— Marv (@barrygayejr) June 3, 2020

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