Wendy Bell: A Message To Generation Angry


It seems like so much of what we're talking about is the same old thing again and again.

I feel as though there's nothing I can do that really effects a change. We're just kind of spinning our wheels, we're on the treadmill, the hamster wheel... and I'm just watching insanity incarnate every single day across America, as primarily angry, young  poeople are defacing what I believe is American history.

Now you don't have to like America's history, but you should.

Because our history is remarkable.

Think of the trials and tribulations of the several hundred years of this most special, slice of planet earth.

There is no finer place for us to live.

And I believe we have a "generation angry" that doesn't quite understand the many gifts and blessings that they have. And they're out there destroying so much of what the people who came before us built.

Whether you agree with how they went about it in building this great nation, this is history.

And I have a message to those of you in "Generation Angry" who are out there protesting, throwing molitov cocktails, looting, arsen, murder, rape, defacing public properties, spray painting, tearing down history and now going after Jesus.

So, I wanted to talk to you today and I doubt that many 20-somethings are really plugged into what I'm talking about on AM radio right now. Or on Facebook. Or on Instagram.

So I ask all of you who are listening. It's incombent upon us as a collective,  as people who love America, who love what this country stands for; whether or not you've ever left the shores of these United States and you have ever ventured somewhere where opportunity doesn't come so naturally as it does here in the United States. 

You can find a million reasons to complain about why you can't make it in this country. You can point fingers. You can play the victim card all you want. But it's up to you to do what you want to do in America. Other places you can't do that. This is special here.

And there are a hell of a lot of us who are tired of watching "Generation Angry" go out and do what they're doing right now.

If you like where this is going, please share this with the young people in your life... We must save this great nation before it’s too late.

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