Wendy Bell: The Wusses Are Trying To Take Over America


Why is it that we have a demand - this insatiable demand for racism in this country right now? Why are we looking for it?

I'm not, but some people are. Oh man, they're hot to find it!

You've got a lazy media who doesn't know how to do its job anymore, looking for the easiest thing to pick up, what's got the most clicks - hate.

Did anybody know who Bubba Wallace really was before Thursday? How many of you really knew who Bubba Wallace was?

What is it about this demand for reasons to hate each other? Why can't we just get along?

We have people - crybabies now - putting posts on social media 'don't go to this restaurant because their tables aren't six feet apart.' You know what, dude? Mind your own business. Go eat somewhere else.

We're busy.

Thank God people are tearing down monuments. Can you imagine what Grant or what Lee or what Lincoln or Roosevelt or Washington or any of these men who are the founders of this country - whether you like them or not - I guarantee you the majority of you don't even know enough about them to make a decision. But we're down with that - take 'em down.

Thank God they're down, because they're on their backs now. They can't see what's going on in this country. A bunch of wusses taking over, thinking that they know what's right.

I've told you this before. We don't have a race problem in America.

We have people who are insecure; who need their minute in the spotlight.

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