ADDICTED: Tackling The Drug Epidemic

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I was recently joined by three of our region’s leading voices in the fight against the drug epidemic that is destroying our society.

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One offered perspective from the neighborhood level.  The second was from the medical community.

Our third guest offered insights from Harrisburg and the legislative branch.  Sadly, 107,000 Americans died of drug overdose last year alone.  Drugs are devastating the ‘under 40’ demographic particularly hard.

The pressure this puts on families, employers, the health system, the judicial system is nearly incalculable.  Our region is an epicenter in the drug war.  Quite frankly, there are too many struggles among us.

The scourge is blind to socio-economic, racial, urban or rural background…all regions are hit and hurting.  Drugs are killing us.  Are we ready to legalize more of them?  Where do they come from?  How easy is it to obtain fentanyl?  What should parents, guardians and grandparents look out for?  What can families who are suffering with an addict do?

I hope KDKA Radio’s ‘ADDICTED’ special answers your questions and helps you deal with the loss of a loved one or the destruction of relationships that this plague has exacted upon too many in western Pennsylvania and beyond.

Thank you Cindy Haines of Focus On Renewal, Addiction Medicine Specialist Dr. Elizabeth Zona, and Pennsylvania State Representative Jim Gregory for your invaluable insight.

For those seeking additional guidance please visit:

Dr. Zona on TikTok: @AddictionTokDok