Another setback for injured Karns City QB Mason Martin, but family remains positive

Mason Martin
Mason Martin Photo credit Karns City QB

The father of Karns City Quarterback Mason Martin has provided another update after his son suffered a severe head injured in a football game in September.

He said Mason’s bout with meningitis has cleared but after a white blood count increase, a surgery to implant a thin tube in his brain, called a shunt, was delayed two more days.

But on Thursday morning, Mason had become “very sick.”

“By Thursday afternoon his cranial fluid cultures grew and tested positive for a different infection,” said Denny Martin on Facebook.

Denny says the good news is the infection has reached his cranial flap yet because, “that would require two more big surgeries and a lengthy set back.”

Doctors are now being aggressive with antibiotics to prevent flap from being infected.

“For now, we’re back to waiting and praying that the antibiotics kill off the bacteria before it reaches that part of his skull. It’s just another obstacle and hopefully he’s just getting them all out of the way now,” said Denny.

He also thanked everyone for their continued support.

GoFundMe campaign is still up for those that want to help support the family.

Last month, Mason’s mother died after a long cancer battle.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Karns City Football