Beaver Valley Mall evacuated, closed until Tuesday

Police enter Beaver Valley Mall after evacuation
Police enter Beaver Valley Mall after evacuation Photo credit Ericka Mosconi

Beaver Valley Mall will be closed for the rest of the day after it was evacuated on Monday.

It is believed a bomb threat was made against the mall in Monaca.

The mall’s office confirmed the closure.

Police with bomb-sniffing dogs were seen entering the complex.

The threat is part of what is believed to be a nation-wide swatting incident.

That involves calling in a phony threat of a bomb.

Even when it is believed to be hoax, police still take every threat seriously and search for any evidence of an explosive.

A mall in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania was also evacuated after a threat was called into the Capital City Mall in Lower Allen Township.

That is also believed to be a part of the swatting calls.

Several schools in the area have also received calls of a threat that as also believed to be swatting incidents.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Ericka Mosconi